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At SPG Dry Cooling we are always hiring and developing talents in our driving force to maintain our leadership in the industry. Our people make the difference, they build our diverse, innovative and dynamic company culture.

Anna Lee

Project Assistant

As a project assistant, my main objective is to support the operation team in the coordination and planning, thereby implementing the agreed methods and standard throughout the project.
SPG Dry Cooling has gone through a number of changes over the years, and it as ever remains more the merrier, where there is a lot of joy to me.
All achievements begin with an idea. At SPG Dry Cooling, we have the ability to put our own innovation and ideas in front.
I felt worthy at times when my dedication propelled the company forward.
But most importantly, success would never be achieved unless my superiors had the vision and desire to initiate it.

All in all, each exchanged idea and every shared opportunity magnified the mutual respect we have for one another.

I got no doubts the insight every one of us brought provided the greatest victory for the whole corporation.

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