ACC360 Exhibitor Showcase at Electrify Europe 2018

by SPG Dry Cooling
Juli 19, 2018
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ACC360 Exhibitor Showcase at Electrify Europe 2018

Welcome to Electrify Europe 2018 in beautiful Vienna. We are here with Frederic Anthone from SPG Dry Cooling. They are about to tell us all about the new business ACC360

Tell us about SPG Dry Cooling’s new business ACC360

SPG Dry Cooling created a dedicated taskforce as to better respond to the needs of end-users in increasing the performance of their existing cooling assets, this besides the more traditional service & support activities that SPG Dry Cooling already offers to its customers like technical advice, inspections or spare parts. This new business is called ACC360 and can of course capitalize on the large experience of SPG Dry Cooling; SPG Dry Cooling being the global leader in air cooled condensers and coolers with installations all around the world.

Degraded asset performance becomes more recognized by the power plant owners and operators and also the impact of the cooling system on the net electrical output is getting more and more attention. Therefore it is important to select the appropriate corrective measures and apply the most cost-effective solutions as to maintain availability and increase the profitability of the power plant.

ACC360 works on any kind of cooling assets, whether originally engineered and constructed by SPG Dry Cooling or by another company.

Which are the different type of activities in which you are active?

The main activities of ACC360 are engineered retrofits, performance improvement, wet to dry conversions and remote performance management solutions.

50% of the fuel energy ends up condensing in the cooling system so the greatest potential for heat rate improvements is through achieving and maintaining year round lowest possible backpressure beyond the original design conditions like for example higher wind speed. We have a vast portfolio of engineered solutions including wind mitigation systems, addition of BoxAir ACC and various tailor made solutions.

Engineered retrofits covers modifications or revamps: our team can take charge of the whole execution of the project including the site works ensuring on-budget and on-time delivery of the project.

Another major focus of ACC360 is supporting our customers in wet to dry conversions. More and more power plants are facing reduced water availability or increased cost of water and therefore are facing operational problems. Thanks to our vast experience in both wet and dry cooling and our large product portfolio -this includes direct dry cooling but also indirect dry cooling- we are in a position to recommend and engineer the most efficient water saving solution.

And then finally we are also further developing our cloud based offering in order to perform condition based maintenance and guarantee highest availability and efficiency of air cooled condensers. Our Remote Performance Management platform is a comprehensive and robust application feeding sensor data continuously into a digital twin or virtual model and thanks to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence we are in a position to offer unique insights to the power plant operations. It can for example trigger preventive maintenance warnings preventing breakdowns as well as provide intelligent performance analytics allowing increased net electrical output.

All these different programs highlight once again the fact that SPG Dry Cooling is devoted to remain the innovation leader in the dry cooling domain.

In which markets is ACC360 active?

ACC360 is accessible through SPG Dry Cooling’s global network. Being headquartered in Europe our main operations are in Belgium and Switzerland. Now we have several other offices namely in Turkey, Nigeria, South-Korea and Italy. More recently we opened offices in Spain as well as Hungary. We have also a strong presence in the America’s, with 3 offices in the US as well as an office in Mexico.

And obviously we have large operations in India and China. This vast network enables us to be close to our customers and also understand and address the local challenges.