Attend Our First Webinar!

Attend Our First Webinar!

In exactly one month, we will host our first webinar. We’re doing this because we want to connect and interact with our clients all around the world and give them a chance to see what’s happening on our end. We will also use this time to present new innovations and to officially announce the launch of the W-Style ACC™ and the Box-Air ACC™. Of course, we will go much farther than simply announcing our work. We will also illustrate how these products, along with the ModuleAir®, can overcome water use challenges with dry cooling solutions.

Last, we will also use this occasion to educate and update our customers on the advantages of dry cooling systems generally, along with examples of how they can be applied.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to interact with some of our experts! You will also have the chance to ask them questions.

See you all on the 27th of September for an hour of interesting discussions and Q&As!


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