Indirect Dry Cooling

About IDCT

Indirect Dry Cooling (IDCT) systems have been used for over 50 years for various applications in the power industry. Active for more than three decades in the indirect dry cooling market, SPG Dry Cooling has supplied the largest indirect system presently in operation in the world.

We supplied the biggest Indirect Dry Cooling System powering a 4.1 GW plant in South Africa


Indirect dry condensing system couples an indirect dry cooling tower (IDCT) with a steam surface or jet condenser and is suited for large capacity condensing units. Its tall concrete or steel shell eliminates hot air recirculation. Auxiliary is power minimized as is the number of mechanical components. This translates into reduced maintenance and high availability.

indirect dry cooling tower idct flow-min


Mechanical Indirect Dry Cooling Tower (MIDCT) is particular type of IDCT where the cooling air flow is not the results of the natural draft from a tall concrete or steel tower but is fed from fans driven by electrical motors. MIDCT are particularly suitable for the Wet to Dry conversion or cooling capacity extension of existing IDCT.

mechanical indirect dry cooling tower midct flow-min


The IDCT is a dry cooling system whose major benefits are:

  • Elimination of additional water usage from the condensing power cycle.
  • Flexibility in power plant site selection.
  • No visible plume.
  • Steam flowing from the turbine is condensed by cold cooling water in either a surface condenser or in a jet condenser.

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