W-Style ACC®

W-Style ACC®

Our W-Style ACC® is an innovative induced draft Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) directly condensing the steam turbine exhaust flow. The condensate returns to the boiler without water loss as in traditional ACC. With its unique “W” heat exchanger arrangement, the amount of structural steel and overall ACC height are dramatically reduced as compared to traditional forced draft arrangements. With its reduced finned tube length as compared to other ACCs, reduced ACC back pressure can be achieved and flow accelerated corrosion risk notably reduced.

Induced draft ACC reduced wind sensitivity


The W-Style ACC® module utilizes our proven Single-Row Condenser (SRC®) finned tubes. The heat exchangers are arranged in a “W” orientation. Two large steam manifolds at the bottom distribute the steam to the heat exchangers. To promote effective non-condensable gas extraction, the heat exchanger arrangement includes primary, secondary and tertiary tubes. Mounted above the heat exchangers are the induced draft axial fans, gearboxes and motors. The “W” arrangement provides central support for the fan bridge mitigating vibration.

w style air cooled condenser flow 2


The major benefits of W-Style ACC® are:

  • Improved access for drive system maintenance
  • Lower overall height
  • Reduced steam velocity in the finned tubes mitigating Flow Accelerated Corrosion inside the finned tubes
  • Induced Draft ACC Reduced wind sensitivity
  • Reduced number of foundations

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