Saving water with dry cooling technology

by SPG Dry Cooling
Augustus 21, 2023

Saving water with dry cooling

The sustainable solution for a water-smart future.

Water stress has become a worldwide problem, which means that it's now that we need to start saving water. One mitigating solution in the power Industry Is a Wet To Dry conversion of turbine condenser cooling systems, assuring reduced water use and extended availability of power plants for peak power generation.

Water scarcity around the world intensifies in the wake of climate change. All inhabited continents of the world are impacted. Draughts plague the population and the economy, and hitting power plants hard by curtailing their generation capability.

Saving water with dry cooling technology for a sustainable innovation

Wet To Dry

Cooling systems are the thirstiest users of water in power plants. To defy water dependence and secure sustainable power generation, the application of dry cooling systems in new build power plants is getting traction. In existing plants built with wet cooling, conversion to hybrid or to dry cooling is also a feasible solution.


Calculating Net present value and payback time of conversion by analyzing year-round power output and water saving


Revenue forecasting with and without conversion


Definition of conversion process, technology and layout.

SPG Dry Cooling is experienced to carry out holistic, and techno-economic studies on the advantages of cooling system conversions. Analytics Include annual savings in water and enhancement of power generation availability. Our sensitivity analyses explore the impact of changing technical and economic parameters on the payback time of conversions.

Year-Round operation simulated

We accurately simulate your steam cycle year-round operation for each conversion option, using inputs including steam cycle output vs. condenser pressure variation of your steam turbine, and actual site meteorological data, in order to find the optimum power/water
balance for you.

On the image left you can see a typical printout of conversion analysis.

Saving water starting with a year-round analysis

we can no longer ignore
the global water scarcity challenge


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