BoxAir ACC®

BoxAir ACC®

BoxAir ACC® is an innovative Induced Draft Air Cooled Condenser (ACC), suitable for all power plants ranging from 1 to 30 MWe.

BoxAir ACC® is an ACC type, integrating standard boxes that are easy to erect. The extended standardization, also enables to insure a very short delivery schedule, and a high reliability level.

BoxAir ACC®‘s typical applications are waste incineration plants, biomass, solar and geothermal power plants, or capacity increase of any existing power plant.

Standard design with greater degree of prefabrication in workshop


BoxAir ACC® is an Induced Draft Air Cooled Condenser (ACC), made of several standard boxes in- stalled side by side.

The Single-Row Condenser tubes (SRC®) are arranged in two deltas inside the BoxAir ACC® box. The deltas are delivered with welded-on steam manifold and condensate collection headers.

The air is drawn across the finned tubes thanks to two axial flow fans located on top of the BoxAir ACC® box.

This ACC concept drastically reduces site welding and presents a much higher degree of preassembly, compared to a standard A-frame design. The construction duration is therefore minimized.


The major benefits of BoxAir ACC® are:

  • Decreased wind sensitivity, improving performance during windy conditions
  • Standard design with greater degree of prefabrication in workshop
  • Enhanced average power plant Output, thanks to lower Back pressure available at low air temperature
  • Efficient, easier and safer erection
  • Reduced visual impact, lower overall height

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