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We are a team of experts in dry cooling technology. Our years of experience in the industry ensure that we keep innovating and pushing the boundaries for every client and his needs. Our strength is the close contact with clients to understand their unique needs and develop tailored-made and innovative installations that meet those needs.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive team is a diverse team with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.
Their role is to develop long-term goals and objectives, focus on the vision of our company and develop
an inspiring environment for each employee.

We are passionate people with years of experience in dry cooling products, discover our executive team

We are a passionate and dedicated group of people who deliver our clients the best possible solutions. Working together as a team is valuable for us. We understand the commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Our innovation department constantly looks for ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our product. One of our key strengths is the hybrid approach of real-time data collected from our installations and machine learning.


Diversity and inclusiveness
make us a strong team.

Different backgrounds, experiences and skills lead to dynamic teams
and a strong identity.

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We develop, design and construct tailored-made solutions for our clients but it doesn't stop there. Our service & support department offers the best quality and spare parts

Diversity is important in our company. Different nationalities work closely together to offer the best service to our clients

Employee testimonials

Cristina Medina Martín
Glenn Ostfeld
Carmelo Barone
Thomas Colasante
As a Sales and Proposals Engineer, I am responsible for managing the sales process for Air Cooled Condenser and Water-Cooling Tower opportunities, dealing customers in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. My role involves direct engagement with our customers, providing them with technical and commercial support throughout the bidding process. Working at SPG DC is truly fulfilling as I am passionate about my daily responsibilities. The relationships I build with our customers, the positive working environment within SPG DC and the opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making process all contribute to my satisfaction in this role. In addition, the company’s focus on personal development and growth opportunities further motivates me to be part of this dynamic team.
Cristina Medina Martín
Sales & Proposal Engineer Madrid

As a Senior Project Manager my role is to plan, oversee and document all aspects of contract execution for Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) projects worldwide.

To accomplish this I need to work closely with Clients, suppliers and other departments to maintain the scope and direction of each project.

I very much enjoy the diversity of the people I work with as well as the management approach here at SPG DC. There is a bright future for this organization and I am proud to be a part of it.

Glenn Ostfeld
Senior Project Manager USA

As a Process and Equipment Manager, here at SPG Dry Cooling, I deal with several aspects of an Air Cooled Condenser.

I really enjoy my daily work within such an international environment and I feel proud to contribute, inside a very strong technical team, to the excellence of every and each of our designs.

Carmelo Barone
Process/PE Manager Brussels

I personally always found super enriching to define sales strategies with clear targets and to support afterwards the team to reach those objectives by developing new skills, aspects of their own role, becoming week after week more independent within new domains.

Thomas Colasante
Director for Sales and Proposal

Our suppliers are an integral part of our community

As a leading provider of dry cooling solutions, we are committed to delivering top quality products and services. Our quality would not be guaranteed without our trusted suppliers.

Our suppliers are an integral part of our commitment to providing the best quality equipment and material. Their contributions enable us to meet the needs of our clients and stay efficient and effective.

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