Indirect Dry Cooling Tower

The worlds largest indirect dry cooling system powering a 4.1 GW power plant in South Africa, is an SPG Dry Cooling system.

Indirect Dry Cooling Tower


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Dry Cooling Tower

The indirect dry condensing system couples an indirect dry cooling tower (IDCT) with a steam surface or jet condenser, and is suited for large capacity condensing units. Its tall concrete or steel shell eliminates hot air recirculation. Thanks to the natural draft of cooling air, auxiliary is power minimized, as is the number of mechanical components. This translates into reduced maintenance and high availability.

The mechanical Indirect Dry Cooling Tower is particular type of IDCT where the cooling air flow is not driven by the natural draft from a tall concrete or steel tower , but is induced or forced by fans driven by electrical motors. M-IDCTs are particularly suitable for the Wet to Dry conversion or cooling capacity extension of existing IDCT.

Features of
Indirect Dry
Cooling Tower

An indirect dry condensing system connects a dry cooling tower with a steam condenser. The steam that flows from the turbine is condensed by cold water in a surface condenser or a jet condenser. The heated water is pumped to vertically arranged heat exchangers that are located around the concrete tower. The natural draft cooling tower generates the airflow across the heat exchangers.

IDCT steam cycle
Indirect dry cooling tower SPG DC
Indirect dry cooling tower SPG Dry Cooling
IDCT SPG Dry Cooling



An indirect dry cooling solution reduces auxiliary power and eliminates additional water usage from the condensing power cycle. The large concrete shell prevents hot air recirculation.



Indirect dry cooling systems offer flexibility in power plant site selection. A flue gas desulfurization unit (FGD) can be installed inside the tower.



There is no visible plume or high operational noise coming from the indirect dry cooling tower. It has a stable steam turbine back pressure.


Low maintenance

Indirect dry cooling systems have few rotating parts, which results in a low maintenance.

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Case study: Qinling
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Case study: Qinling
SPG Dry Cooling IDCT Air Cooled Condenser designed and manufactured for QINLING project.
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Minimize the risk of downtime and expand asset`s lifespan. Tailored to your needs, SPG Dry Cooling offers a variety of maintenance services. Keeping your dry cooling system performing at optimal levels. Our programs allow you to conduct best practices, maintenance and repairs in an efficient way.

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