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About us

Global leader in dry cooling technology and innovations

SPG Dry Cooling is a global leader in air-cooled condensers & air coolers, with installations all around the globe. A vast offering of dry cooling solutions, which falls under many international patents, is the key to our success. You can rely on excellent quality thanks to the in-house manufacturing plants. With local offices around the world and headquarters in Europe, we are always close to you, passionately striving to develop top-notch technologies supporting the worldwide increased demand of electricity and sustainable energy production.



Tailored to your market application

SPG Dry Cooling engineers and project managers have specific experience to create operating value for power and industrial plants oil & gas, co-generation, biomass, waste-to-energy, solar, and geothermal applications.


Rich experience in cooling solutions

Since 1948, you can find Paharpur and SPG Dry Cooling's unrivalled installations in wet cooling towers, dry coolers and condensers on all continents in all climates and conditions. More than 62,000 installations have been completed so far and the SPG Dry Cooling team promises you excellence and works every day to be your global partner.



Choose from the innovative products

SPG Dry Cooling takes great pride in being the market leader in dry cooling solutions and holds numerous patents. Discover more about the technology that provides true operating value as a foundation and the commitment to innovate and introduce cutting-edge products and systems.


Company milestones

After founding the industry, SPG Dry Cooling spent decades bringing exceptional quality equipment and service to the energy sector.

Founding Dürr
Founding Dürr
Founding  Balcke
Founding Balcke
Merger Balcke-Dürr
Merger Balcke-Dürr
Acquisition of  Balcke-Dürr by SPX
Acquisition of Balcke-Dürr by SPX
Acquisition  of Hamon Dry Cooling by SPX
Acquisition of Hamon Dry Cooling by SPX
SPG DC member of Paharpur Group
SPG DC member of Paharpur Group

Global footprint

With more than 196.000 MWe installed bases, SPG Dry Cooling is your global partner with the promise of excellence.


Member of


SPG Dry Cooling is a member of the Paharpur Group, a leading provider of process cooling systems since 1948 and with over 62,000 installations so far. “Only Paharpur covers the entire spectrum of process cooling technology. This drives our ability to meet future challenges.” Paharpur’s presence can be felt in industries and commercial spaces around the world. The world’s best industry and business giants depend on Paharpur for their reliable cooling solutions.


Building on our
innovative DNA

Get to know our product lines that we have built through the years.

A-frame Air Cooled Condensers
A-frame Air Cooled Condensers
W-Style® Air Cooled Condenser
W-Style® Air Cooled Condenser
BoxAir ACC®
BoxAir ACC®
Consilio by SPG DC
Consilio by SPG DC


Manufacturing Plants

You deserve top quality products, excellent engineering, top-notch design and outstanding manufacturing quality. SPG Dry Coolings new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilites, located in Zhangjiakou (China) and Savli (India), are the largest and most modern ACC fin tube bundle manufacturing plants in the world.


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