SPG Dry Cooling Markets

Where we work

We are a leading global company in air cooled condenser design, manufacturing, construction, and services. More than 1000 SPG Dry Cooling Systems for combined cycle, coal, natural draft condenser, parallel condenser systems and solar power plants have been installed globally in diverse environmental conditions like coastal and desert climates and industrial and urban locations. Our condensers are also designed for both tropical and arctic temperatures.


Biomass is an important way to power small and medium power plants. Recently, people have begun opting for dry cooling systems which allow for faster permitting, less noise, and deep vacuum levels.


CSP operates in arid locations where dry cooling is a must. ACCs are specifically designed to bring low parasitic loss, limit water use, and enable a flexible operation.


Combined cycle plants mostly operate as base load and therefore require high efficiency. This is how large air cooled condensers are most often used. Further, our coolers are designed to perform throughout the year and be installed quickly to bring power to your network.


Coal fired plants require flexibility in site selection. Dry cooling can offer this. Large, base load plants require robust, maintenance-free dry cooling systems that can operate in all climates. We can provide that.


Geothermal plants are established close to wells which are often far from fresh water. This brings the need for dry cooling. ACHE can condensate organic flammable fluid even in challenging conditions.

Oil & Gas

In general, oil & gas plants require strict compliance with the American Petroleum Institute code 661. This often operates at high pressure, which requires robust engineering and manufacturing.

At SPG Dry Cooling, we have our own heat exchanger manufacturing plants and maintain a world class reputation for reliability and efficiency in power generation and industrial applications for large and small size plants. Our work and experience span sectors giving us the ability to meet your cooling needs.