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Dry cooling regroups a series of technologies where a fluid is cooled or condensed within a heat exchanger without consuming water. Indeed, the heat exchangers are externally cooled by a cold air flow. Unlike wet cooling, in dry cooling the heated steam is cooled and condensed back into water in a closed loop system.

Dry Cooling systems can decrease total water consumption by more than 95%, which is equivalent to the water consumption of several million people


An air cooled condenser is a dry cooling technology, made of a heat exchanger composed of finned tubes. Within the finned tubes a fluid is condensed, and outside air is flowing around the fins to remove heat. In power plants, air cooled condensers are used to condense the steam at a pressure close to vacuum.

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The finned tubes are the main components of a heat exchanger. They are a series of tubes where fins have been added to increase contact area with the outside fluid. This leads to the exchange between the heat inside the tube (i.e. steam) and the fluid outside the tube (air). Multiple types and shapes of finned tubes exist including round tubes, oval tubes, or flat tubes. Flat tubes made of aluminium clad carbon steel tubes with aluminium brazed fins, so called SRC©, are the state of the art for power plant Air Cooled Condenser.

A cooling tower is a water cooling contact exchanger in which cooling air and hot water are put into direct contact. During the contact, a volume of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water circulating through the tower.

Paharpur is the world’s foremost manufacturer of reliable cooling solutions, based in India. With a large range of wet and dry cooling technology, Paharpur caters process cooling equipment to industries globally.
After acquiring SPG Dry Cooling in 2016, this group has become the best partner for proposing clients with the most complete portfolio of cooling solutions for any type of application (Power, Oil & Gas, Process, etc).

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The ACC360 is a business of SPG Dry Cooling that focuses on engineered solutions for cooling assets. Whether originally engineered and constructed by SPG Dry Cooling or by other companies, the SPG DC teams work on performance improvement studies, wet to dry conversion, retrofit engineering, and remote performance management programs.

For more info visit the website acc-360.com.

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