We strive toward a responsible
energy production future with cutting-edge technology and
state-of-the-art innovations.

Discover our commitment and values.


Environmental focus

Time is ticking. Climate change is a fact. We are looking for different ways to lower the impact on the planet.
We challenge ourselves daily to build innovative solutions for a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world.

Sustainability is one of the core elements of our products: we are not just a construction or engineering company, but we dare to shape the future of our industry. This is why our innovation and R&D department developed ACC360®, a first-of-its-kind RPM solution for monitoring optimal performance. Our ACCs equip renewable plants and allow access to electricity for all.

UN Global Goals

SPG Dry cooling commitment towards the
Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

with our cooling techniques the power plant can save litres of water

Clean water
and sanitation

SPG Dry Cooling supports the Clean water and Sanitation Goal of the United Nations. We are developing water-saving technologies for power plants such as air cooled condensers, hybrid cooling towers and adiabatic coolers. Using these techniques, we can help save millions of liters of water in every installed power plant. Furthermore, we offer the service and solutions for water reduction in existing plants.

Our products are perfect for renewable power plants, with our dry cooling technique we offer clean energy for all

Affordable and
clean energy

SPG Dry Cooling supports the Affordable and Clean Energy Goal of the United Nations. We are developing tailor-made installations dedicated to Biomass, Efficient Cogeneration, Concentrated Solar, and Waste to Energy. Those solutions allow more accessible, faster, and cheaper
deployment of those
renewable plants while
conserving water. ​

Next, we have our ACC360®, a cloud-based solution, for continuous and optimal power generation.

We are following the sustainable Development Goals

Decent work and
economic growth

Economic growth and decent work go hand in hand.

When economies thrive, job opportunities increase, leading to improved living standards, reduced inequalities, and overall societal well-being.

Through our initiatives, we strive to promote decent work and economic growth by creating an inclusive and empowering environment for our employees.

innovation is in our veins, on a daily base we challenge ourselves

Industry, innovation
and infrastructure

SPG Dry Cooling supports the industry, innovation and infrastructure Goal of the United Nations. We continuously develop
and invest in Innovative, Digital technologies aimed at upgrading the engineering and manufacturing processes to make them more relevant. By doing so, the company culture will
encourage new ideas and new applications for digital technologies from within.


We are ISO Certified

ISO is an international organization and standard for quality management. In today's industry, we believe strongly in quality, safety and efficiency, this is why we continuously improve our way of working. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is certified and implementing several ISO certifications including ISO 9001 Quality Management system, ISO 14001 Environment Management system and OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System.

IMG_0582 kopiëren

Our Company values

teamwork is one of our values

We strongly believe in Teamwork through the willingness to cooperate, using individual skills for the collective benefit and being constructive is highly promoted within our company.

Customer focus is one of our core values in the company

Customer focus
Our customer focus refers to both external and internal customers. We are all driven to understand and satisfy customer needs and aim to delight our customers. Realizing our projects is sometimes a complex journey but the customer can always count on our engagement and professional approach to achieve their goals.  

In our company we are passionate and determinate

Passionate & determinate
We are also passionate and determinate about our work and are committed to do whatever we can to develop and achieve our business goals. 

Our full company is showing respect to each other and to partners, suppliers and customers

Respect in all our interactions is another key value. We embrace cultural and gender diversity by doing business all over the world with colleagues
coming from multiple and diverse nationalities.

being humble, improve ourselves and listen to customer

Being humble
Being humble, and acting modestly although being the industry leader is another key attribute to our company values. Recognising that we can and must always improve, we seek the input and talent of others allowing us to further develop ourselves.

Safe Production, HSE

Health and Safety is top priority for us. A safe workspace is evident, on site but also in our manufacturing plants. We developed a health and safety framework with all aspects, aligned with the local governments. This health and safety procedure prevents possible hazards.

Our manufacturing plant is ISO certified


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