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Innovating Air Cooled Condensers
for decades




After founding our industry, we’ve spent decades
bringing exceptional quality equipment and service to the energy sector.

SPG Dry Cooling

SPG Dry Cooling is a global leader in air cooled condensers & coolers with equipment installed all around the globe. Our success comes from our vast offering of dry cooling solutions which fall under many international patents. We come with the promise of excellence in quality and speed which we can uniquely deliver because of our in-house manufacturing plants. Headquartered in Europe, we are close to you, can deliver what you need and are ready to work.

As the world grows, so does its need for electricity and sustainable energy production. We can help to meet that demand.

Here’s a bit more about us:

  • We’re the world’s technological and innovation leader in the dry domain, holding numerous patents and products.
  • We’ve installed dry coolers and condensers thousands of times, spanning all continents and in all climates.
  • We have a workforce of 700+ professionals who are dedicated to the dry business across the globe.
  • We are a member of the Paharpur Group, a leading provider of process cooling systems since 1948 and with over 45,000 installations so far.


Through our business ACC360, we offer modification, revamp, relocation, transformation from wet to dry and performance improvement projects.

“At SPG Dry Cooling, we strive toward excellence in our interactions with you and in our cutting-edge technology and advanced communications”

Andreas Coumnas- President & CEO at SPG Dry Cooling