ModuleAir® Air Cooled Condensers

ModuleAir® Air Cooled Condensers

Air Cooled Condensers directly condense exhaust steam from the steam turbine without water consumption. They are frequently used in electrical power plants and waste to energy plants of all sizes.

Construction saving of up to 25%when compared to a standard A-frame design

ModuleAir® Air Cooled Condensers Benefits

  • Construction saving up to 25% when compared to a standard A-frame design.
  • Factory assembled coil bundles including steam manifold and condensate headers.
  • Integrated steam header and condensate manifold eliminates field tube sheet welding.
  • Safer construction time.
  • Low profile design – total height is lower than conventional A-Frame design.
  • Easy to build in the field.
  • Reduced steam velocity and reduced steam side pressure within the heat exchangers.


ModuleAir® is a modular version of the conventional A-frame SRC® Air Cooled Condenser design featuring factory assembled structural components, duct and modular heat exchanger bundles. With construction savings of up to 25%, construction time can be reduced by several months for large power plants. ModuleAir®can also increase power production at low ambient air temperatures.

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