A-frame Air Cooled Condensers

SPG DC has built the largest A-frame ACC fleet in the world.

A-frame Air Cooled Condensers


About A-Frame
Air Cooled

The traditional A-Frame is a state-of-the-art air-cooled condenser (ACC). It’s suitable for small to large power plants in a large variety of conditions (low ambient temperature, high wind, high seism, low noise and many others).

ACCs immediately condense the steam turbine exhaust flow and return condensate to the boiler without water loss. The steam is directly condensed in air-cooled finned tubes without using an intermediate surface condenser.

Features of
an Air Cooled

An air-cooled condenser (ACC) is made of modules arranged in parallel rows. Each module contains several fin tube bundles. An axial flow forced-draft fan located in each module, forces the cooling air through the heat exchange area of the fin tubes. An ACC installation consists of:

  • a supporting structure
  • a steam ducting from the steam turbine interface
  • auxiliaries such as condensate and drain pumps
  • condensate and duct drain tanks
  • air evacuation units
  • related piping works and instrumentation


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The air-cooled condenser prevents unnecessary water usage from the condensing power cycle. The uniform steam distribution and total absence of backflow of steam, results in an increased performance and prevents air accumulation, flooding, sub-cooling and freezing.



Air-cooled condenser solutions are flexible in power plant site selection. Benefit of the flexibility in module arrangements tailored to the best usage of your available plot.


Cost efficient

Benefit of a decreased lead time for plan permitting. The finned tubes from the air-cooled condenser have an excellent manual or semi-automatic cleaning system.


High quality

SPG Dry Cooling air-cooled condenser solutions contains top quality single row condenser fin tubes. They offer an excellent corrosion and freezing resistance.

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Air Cooled

Get to know clients that installed Air-Cooled Condensers.

Case study: Turano Lodigiano
Highlighted case
Case study: Turano Lodigiano
Bertonico-Turano Lodigiano Power Plant, situated near Lodi in Northern Italy, a 800 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
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Service & Support


Minimize the risk of downtime and expand asset`s lifespan. Tailored to your needs, SPG Dry Cooling offers a variety of maintenance services. Keeping your dry cooling system performing at optimal levels. Our programs allow you to conduct best practices, maintenance and repairs in an efficient way.

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All projects require a different and unique approach. Your first point of contact with SPG Dry Cooling will be our dedicated and experienced sales team. You will have a committed team (project manager, engineering team, quality control officer, logistics officer) at your disposal through the whole process. Our team members offer a high quality of customer care and strive for excellence in service delivery. Please reach out for more information or a personalized quote.

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Kick-off Meeting

With our Project Manager, Engineering team, Quality Control Officer, Logistics officer, as well as with equivalent representatives from the client-side.


Engineering phase

In the first phase, we will hand the client a basic design of the requested product. In the second phase, we will start with a more detailed design.


Procurement phase

With our Project Manager, Engineering team, Quality Control Officer, Logistics officer, as well as with equivalent representatives from the client side. Our Sales Manager will also be there, and often the client’s procurement manager too.

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Fabrication phase


Delivery to client

We can make the equipment and materials available for client pick-up. Or we can deliver goods to the project site.


Erection on site

Erection services can be provided as an option.



Commissioning supervision is provided by one of our experienced technicians.


Warranty period

Product related to fossil fuel power plants

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ModuleAir® is an innovative modular air-cooled condenser (ACC) that directly condenses steam turbine exhaust flow and return condensate to the boiler without any water loss. With construction savings of up to 25%, compared to a standard A-frame, construction time can be reduced by several months for large power plants.
W-Style ACC® is an innovative Induced Draft Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) directly condensing the steam turbine exhaust flow. The condensate returns to the boiler without any water loss. With its unique “W” heat exchanger structure, the amount of steel and overall height of the ACC are dramatically reduced. This is useful for all power plant applications.
BoxAir ACC® is an innovative Induced Draft Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC), suitable for all power plants ranging from 1 to 30 MWe. This ACC type consists of standard boxes that are easy to assemble and that offer a short delivery schedule and high reliability level. BoxAir ACC® is used in waste incineration plants, biomass, solar and geothermal power plants and is suited as a capacity increase of an existing power plant.
Hexacool® is a standardised, modular air-cooled condenser (ACC) which is easy to build and robust in performance. It is used in waste-to-energy, biomass, small size electrical power plants and industrial co-generation. Hexacool® induced draft configuration saves up to 15% fan power consumption.
An Indirect Dry Condensing system connects an Indirect Dry Cooling tower (IDCT) with a steam surface or jet condenser. Its tall concrete or steel shell eliminates hot air recirculation. Indirect Dry Cooling solutions offer a reduced maintenance and are suited for large capacity condensing units.
Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) are custom designed heavy-duty fin tube heat exchangers. They allow the direct cooling by air of various process mediums. ACHEs are used in applications in many industries, such as power, chemical, ORC plant, Oil & Gas, steel and several other industries.

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