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About Geothermal

Geothermal plants are generally established close to geothermal reservoirs, and for sustainable power generation, require a dry cooling solution. In Organic Rankine cycles, Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) can condense organic flammable fluid in the most challenging conditions.

Flash steam cycles require Mechanical Draft Dry Cooling Towers with surface or direct contact condensers. Depending on the corrosivity of the fluid, SPG Dry Cooling can provide the perfect geothermal dry cooling products

Features of cooling solutions for geothermal

Geothermal power plants require a dry cooling solution where the condensate is captured and can be
re-injected into the geothermal well. This sustainable dry cooling solution will result in an extended steam production, compared to a wet cooling system.



Geothermal energy is renewable


High degree of availability


Low land use


Low atmospheric pollution compared to fossil fuel plants


Almost zero liquid pollution with re-injection of effluent liquid


Not affected by weather conditions


Relatively low visual impact

Product related to geothermal industry

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A-frame Air-cooled condensers immediately condense the steam turbine exhaust flow and return condensate to the boiler without water loss. They are frequently used in electrical power plants and waste to energy plants of all sizes.
W-Style ACC® is an innovative Induced Draft Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) directly condensing the steam turbine exhaust flow. The condensate returns to the boiler without any water loss. With its unique “W” heat exchanger structure, the amount of steel and overall height of the ACC are dramatically reduced. This is useful for all power plant applications.
ModuleAir® is an innovative modular air-cooled condenser (ACC) that directly condenses steam turbine exhaust flow and return condensate to the boiler without any water loss. With construction savings of up to 25%, compared to a standard A-frame, construction time can be reduced by several months for large power plants.

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In the first phase, we will hand the client a basic design of the requested product. In the second phase, we will start with a more detailed design.


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Case studies
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Case study:  Hassi R’Mell
Highlighted case
Case study: Hassi R’Mell
Another great installation by SPG Dry Cooling! Hassi R'Mell is a 150 MW power plant, located in Algeria. The power plant combines 25 MW concentrating solar power array, covering an area of over 180.000 m2, with a 130 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant.
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