Case study: Denizli

The AGE Power Plant, situated about 23 km West of the city of Denizli, Turkey 3x47 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Case study: Denizli

Case study


SPG Dry Cooling SRC® Air Cooled Condenser Technology designed and
manufactured for AGE DENIZLI Combined Cycle Power Plant located
in the city of Denizli, Turkey.
The Power Plant has a total capacity of 205,5 MW at site reference
conditions with commercial operation started in 2012.




  • Allow optimum turbine back pressure in a very arid and high ambient temperature environment while keeping parasitic electrical load within acceptable limits.
  • Focus on Factory Assembled of Major Items sized for an optimization container transport and a fast erection sequences.



  • SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser: optimization of heat exchange surface and turbine back pressure for an excellent operating flexibility and maximum output in summer conditions.
  • SPG Dry Cooling is spear heading the design, engineering, construction, installation, testing and commissioning for this project.



Particularly SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser present significant advantages such as:

  • Maximize thermal efficiency, reduced power consumption and reduced pressure drop on the air side due to the advanced design of top quality SRC® finned tubes bundles.
  • More uniform steam distribution and a total absence of backflow of steam, resulting in better performance avoiding air accumulation, flooding, and subcooling
  • Maintain low turbine backpressure, even during summer conditions, increase in power generation.
  • Design for large power plants located in areas that are arid, subject to restricted water usage.



  • High performance, low back pressure even during summer conditions. Turkey’s combined cycle gas-fired power station designed to address Turkey’s environmental needs and advanced emissions control.
  • Thanks to an extensive internal know-how, an experience of more than 40 years in delivering advanced, reliable and proven dry cooling systems and fully owned manufacturing facilities, SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser has shown excellent performances and operability, confirming worldwide leading position and technical advance in power plant Single Row Air Cooled Condenser applications

Proactive partnership, intense and close technical collaboration and tailor-made planning of works.

Denizli SPG Dry Cooling 2012


The project
in pictures

Denizli ACC SPG DC Detail
Denizli ACC SPG DC
Denizli ACC SPG DC Turkey


  • Client AGE Denizli Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Country Turkey
  • Application Gas
  • MegaWatt 205,5 MW
  • Product A-frame Air Cooled Condensers


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