Case study: Hassi R’Mell

Another great installation by SPG Dry Cooling! Hassi R'Mell is a 150 MW power plant, located in Algeria. The power plant combines 25 MW concentrating solar power array, covering an area of over 180.000 m2, with a 130 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant.
Case study:  Hassi R’Mell

Case study

 Hassi R’Mel

Integrated Solar Combined-Cycle (ISCC) technology combines the benefits
of solar energy with the benefits of a combined cycle. The solar resource
partially substitutes the fossil fuel. The project consists of a 150 MW
hybrid power plant composed of a combined cycle and a 20 MW solar
thermal plant.




  • Allow optimized power plant output in a high ambient temperature arid environment by optimizing the condensing capacity.



  • Focus on an optimized solution with maximum flexibility for best turbine back pressure control in winter and summer conditions



  • High quality and high performance equipments delivered according to the project’s extremely demanding tight delivery schedule.
  • Fast erection completion and early start of power plant commercial operation,



  • High performance dry cooling condenser without need of water in an arid area and integrated in an environment-friendly power plant with low carbon emissions.
  • Guaranteed high performance taking into account : time of the year, direct normal irradiation, ambient air temperature, relative humidity, ambient pressure, wind speed, wind direction.
  • SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser has shown excellent performances and operability, confirming SPG Dry Cooling worldwide leading position and technical advance in power plant Single Row Air Cooled Condenser applications, thanks to an extensive internal know-how, an experience of more than 40 years in delivering advanced, reliable and proven dry cooling systems and fully owned manufacturing facilities where a deeply optimized manufacturing process has been developed along years.

Proactive partnership, intense and close technical collaboration and tailor-made planning of works.

hassi r mel spg dc case

Turano Lodigiano

The project
in pictures

Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG Dry Cooling
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG Dry Cooling Reference
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG Dry Cooling Reference Case
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG Dry Cooling Case
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG Dry Cooling Case Study
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG DC Reference
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG DC Case
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG DC Case Study
Hassi R Mel Algeria SPG DC


  • Client Hassi R’Mel Hybrid Power Plant
  • Country Algeria
  • Application Solar
  • MegaWatt 150 MW
  • Product A-frame Air Cooled Condensers


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