Case study: Lisahally

Lisahally power plant, situated about 117km North West of the city of Belfast, North of Ireland, a 15,8 MWe biomass power plant .
Case study: Lisahally

Case study


SPG ModuleAir™  Air Cooled Condenser designed and manufactured for Lisahally (Evermore) biomass renewable power plant located in Londonderry port and harbour,  Ireland.

The power plant will generate 15,8 MWe of electrical power, the equivalent of enough to power 25.000 homes and business in the area.




  • Achieve a low turbine back pressure for optimum turbine output.
  • Focus on the tight supply material schedule by intense and close engineering and Project collaboration in order to achieve the plan.
  • Focus on Factory Assembled of Major Items of ModuleAir™ (Tube Bundles, Steel Structure) sized for an optimization container transport and a fast erection sequence.



  • ModuleAir™ is an innovative approach to steam condensing that optimizes Air Cooled Condenser, design and performance characteristics.



  • High quality and high performance equipments delivered according to the project’s extremely demanding tight delivery schedule.
  • Fast erection completion and early start of power plant commercial operation,



  • High performance, low back pressure, improved performance during low ambient conditions.
  • Construction saving of up to 25% when compared to classic A-frame design.
  • Reduced steam duct site welding – site welding of bundle/tube sheet not required.
  • Reduced structural steel and duct weight
  • Fewer heat exchanger bundles
  • Reduced visual impact – lower height – smaller foot print.
  • Fewer number of fin tube bundles.
  • 50 % reduction of steel parts assembled on site.
  • Improved delivery logistics.
  • Shorter construction time.
  • Fewer lifting operations.
  • Efficient, safer construction.

Proactive partnership, intense and close technical collaboration and tailor-made planning of works.



The project
in pictures

lisahally-authorized-P1060863-1024x683 copyLichter
2015-Lisahally 15MW Northern Ireland copy 2_lichter


  • Client Lisahally Power Plant
  • Country Ireland
  • Application Biomass & waste-to-energy
  • MegaWatt 15,8 MW
  • Product ModuleAir®


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