Case study: Partanna

SPG Dry Cooling Box-Air 2.0 Air Cooled Condenser designed and manufactured for FATA S.p.A. The solar power plant will generate 4.26 MW.
Case study: Partanna

Case study


Partanna solar power plant, situated in Partanna is located in the middle of Sicily, Italy. Situated 104km from Palermo.




  • There is limited space available to install this Box-Air installation

  • Achieving a low noise requirement

  • Need to reduce as much as possible the electrical consumption in guaranteed case



  • Box-Air 2.0® ACC allows to reduce the need of space at ground level thanks to its compact and cantilevered configuration

  • The installation of low noise fans allowed to match the stringent noise requirement

  • The presence of many fans of small dimension and the installation of frequency converters allow to minimize the electrical power consumption in all the operating cases

  • Limited visual height as the ACC is lower than 12 m

  • Possibility to operate at very low steam turbine back-pressure thanks to the limited tube bundle length

  • Reduced air side pressure drop allows to minimize the axial fans power consumption



  • SPG DC engineering and project execution team managed in the best possible way the challenges to manufacture and deliver the first ACC of this type manufactured in the world.



  • High number of installed fans allows to have high flexibility and high reliability of the system

  • Reduced maintenance cost and timing

  • Possibility to duplicate the ACC in other similar plants reducing engineering time and delivery time

Proactive partnership, intense and close technical collaboration and tailor-made planning of works.

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The project
in pictures

map sicily


  • Client Partanna
  • Country Italy
  • Application Solar
  • MegaWatt 4.26 MW
  • Product BoxAir ACC®


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