Engineered retrofits

Modification, revamp or relocation of your condensers
Engineered  retrofits


Engineered retrofits

Considering modifications or retrofits for your condenser due to technological, economic or environmental reasons? A team of SPG Dry Cooling engineers and construction experts are eager to guide you through the evaluation of benefits, logistics methods and costs. When modification or retrofit is pursued, a specialized SPG DC team has the required know-how and skills to deliver on budget and on time.

The SPG Dry Cooling experts manage all necessary aspects. Benefit from the technological know-how, reliable execution and tailor-made solutions that meet your individual requirements.


What we offer

Identify operational hurdles and potential efficiency
and performance improvements during a
performance audit of your dry cooling system.


Feasibility studies


Modifications and revamping


Site works


Relocation activities




Commissioning services

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Considering modifying,
revamping or relocating
your condensers?

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