Data Analytics @ACC360®

First-of-its-kind solution to enhance steam cycle performance and reliability with cloud based advanced analytics.
Data Analytics @ACC360®


Remote performance
management & ACC360®

Benefit of the highest availability, efficiency and performance of your air-cooled condenser (ACC) with the ACC360® Remote Performance Management (RPM) solution. ACC360® is an innovative, purpose-built cloud-based offering designed to perform predictive maintenance and guarantee the highest availability, efficiency, and performance of your Air Cooled Condenser and associated steam cycle.

Following a true hybrid physics approach, ACC360® combines data analytics with the steam cycle's thermo-physical model. Continuous Condition Based Monitoring as well as capabilities required to realize Intelligent Performance Analytics are included.

What we offer

Identify operational hurdles and potential efficiency and performance improvements during a performance audit of your dry cooling system.


Availability & reliability

Advanced lifecycle
management, optimized
maintenance and minimized
wear and tear.


Performance optimization

Increased turbine output and
reduced auxiliary power.


Prediction & forecasting

Forecasting of net electrical
output, optimization of turbine
trip & alarm level and a real-time
connection with the trading

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