Wet to dry conversion

Reduce water consumption by transforming to wet/dry systems or full wet to dry conversion.
Wet to dry conversion


to dry conversion

Rain-starved lakes and rivers, water contamination, salt-water infiltration, ... there are many water-related issues all over the world. Water scarcity is a global problem and has its effect on economic & industrial development. The power industry is forced to drastically limit its water consumption. Are you looking for a way to reduce dependence of power generation capacity on water availability? Do you want to secure sustainable power generation even in times of droughts?
SPG Dry Cooling engineers handle the modification of your cooling system from A to Z. You can count on them for a thorough analysis of the water constraints, site climate and turbine year-round operation.
After a detailed analysis, you can rely on the SPG Dry Cooling team for state-of-the-art conversions, whether it's a partial or full conversion from wet to dry cooling.


Wet To Dry Conversion

Dry Cooling Technology, the sustainable solution for a water-smart future.

Cooling systems are the thirstiest users of water in power plants. To defy water dependence, and secure sustainable power generation, the application of dry cooling systems in new build power plants is getting traction. In existing plants built with wet cooling, conversion to hybrid, or to dry cooling Is also the feasible solution.

What we offer

Identify operational hurdles and potential efficiency and performance improvements during a performance audit of your dry cooling system.



Turbine data, existing coolingsystem data, climate data and other relevant data



Net Present value and Payback time of conversion by analysing year round power output, year round water consumption and year round auxiliary power consumption

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