Dry cooling system performance audits

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SPG Dry Cooling audits the performance of your dry cooling system to identify operational hurdles and to propose modifications to improve the performance of your assets. Systematic audits help you to define potential problems in advance, reduce downtime and maximize output resulting in an optimized bottom line. Our audits include the use of advanced inspection routines and cover both cold and hot inspections. This allows you to ensure the optimal protection of the overall cooling asset and the operational functioning of all moving parts, heat exchange elements, piping and ducts.

Our service offer

  • Visual mechanical integrity examinations
  • Inspection of non-rotating and rotating parts
  • Corrosion status audit
  • Leak detection using helium techniques
  • Leak detection using vacuum decay
  • Vibration measurements
  • Analysis of operating data
  • Performance audits

Early stage issue identification prevents ageing of assets and loss of system performance

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