Our exhibitor showcase at Power-Gen Europe 2017

Power-Gen Europe 2017 in Cologne was the site of a double celebration this year. First off, 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the conference. Second, SPG Dry Cooling launched two exciting new products.
by SPG Dry Cooling
Juli 28, 2017
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Our exhibitor showcase at Power-Gen Europe 2017

Power-Gen Europe 2017 in Cologne was the site of a double celebration this year. First off, 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the conference. Second, SPG Dry Cooling launched two exciting new products.

For this year’s event, we decided to try something new and made a video at our booth. Thomas Colasante, our Director of Sales & Proposals, introduced our new products the BoxAir ACC® and the W-Style ACC®.

Both products, which are air-cooled condensers, have an improved performance and meet today’s market trends and needs such as ease of installation, modularisation, and efficiency.

Colasante also looks back on some key projects, discusses our global expansion and new office in Spain, and touches upon our goals.

Be sure to check out this video, and stay tuned for more in the coming months!


Hello and welcome to the 25th Power-Gen Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe, here in Cologne. Today, we’re here with SPG Dry Cooling, who this year have two exciting new innovations to showcase. Let’s find out more.

SPG Dry Cooling is an innovative global leader in air-cooled condensers and coolers, with the largest installed base. This success has been the result of offering the most extended range of dry-cooling solutions, covered by numerous patents. We are your global partner with the promise of excellence in quality and speed, supported by our own manufacturing plants. SPG Dry Cooling is headquartered in the heart of Europe, so in Brussels city, and is a member of the Paharpur group, now the worldwide leader in wet and dry cooling. So, we are here in Cologne at Power-Gen Europe to show our ability and commitment to introduce new technologies for improved performance and to meet more recent market trends and needs, such as the easy and safe to erect, modularisation, standardisation, higher efficiency. So, for the current edition, we officially launched two innovative air-cooled condenser designs responding to these criteria.

So, the first one is the BoxAir ACC®, which is dedicated to the small and medium power plants, like biomass. The second innovation that we bring to Power-Gen is the W-Style ACC®, which is an innovative new design with induced draft capabilities for larger power plants. The induced draft W-Style ACC® is designed as a unique W heat exchanger arrangement. The key advantages of this new design are the reduced overall steel weight, the reduced wind sensitivity, the lower back pressure at lower temperatures, which means an enhancement of the average annual power plant output, and also the reduced visual impact. This means lower height, smaller footprint, fewer foundations for the civil works. The BoxAir ACC® design is also an induced draft air-cooled condenser, but it integrates standard boxes. So, the major benefits of doing this is the extended standardisation, which enables to ensure a very short delivery schedule, a significant reduction of erection duration, safer also, and a high reliability level. As for the W-Style ACC®, it reduces wind sensitivity and is able to lower back pressure at low air temperature. So, needless to say that two new ACC designs are unique and patented by SPG Dry Cooling, as well as many other solutions.

Another piece of news for the power market is that besides our permanent presence in Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, India, China, South Korea, and the USA, a new office in Spain will be operational in September. This country is particularly important for us, as many projects outside of Spain are covered by Spanish EPCs, with a special mention for Latin America. As it was the case for the Noreste project, under execution for the moment in Mexico, for which we were awarded by Iberdrola one year ago.

In conclusion, SPG DC has established its leadership position in 2016 and will continue to develop new solutions and technologies in support of our industry.


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