Engineered Optimization Solutions for your Cooling Assets [Webinar])

by SPG Dry Cooling
Maart 28, 2018
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Engineered Optimization Solutions for your Cooling Assets (Webinar)

You can now access the ACC360 webinar on demand!
This webinar was presented by Frederic Anthone, and Christophe Deleplanque on the 27th of March 2018.

The webinar is titled: Engineered Optimization Solutions for your Cooling Assets.
SPG Dry Cooling, through its new ACC360 business, has developed solutions to gain substantial performance benefits by maximizing generation output and reducing operating costs. This informative webinar covers:

  • Wind influence on Air Cooled Condenser performance along with wind mitigation solutions
  • Condenser modification or revamp: upgrading asset technology for economic and environmental reasons
  • Adaptation of dry cooling installations to cap energy costs and to address performance and changing operating conditions
  • When to consider the benefits of dry/wet systems or full wet to dry conversion to reduce mandated water consumption

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