Free webinar on ‘Drought Proofing your Power Plant’!

Free webinar on 'Drought Proofing your Power Plant'!

Water scarcity poses an ever-increasing challenge for power generators and industrial facilities that require cooling water for their plants. The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), USA states that droughts pose a major vulnerability for power plants as they are completely dependent on water for cooling and account for about one-half of the water usage in the U.S. The University of Leiden (Netherlands) completed similar studies and predict the same water-vulnerability exposure for hundreds of power plants within the EU. With more and more plants being situated in arid and humid regions, power plants in particular are often forced to drastically restrict water consumption that can impact plant operations.

An overwhelming consensus is that the conversion of once-through or wet condenser cooling systems to all-dry or dry+wet schemes is a feasible solution for addressing the shortage of water for cooling with ecological co-benefits. Numerous case studies completed and under completion by SPG Dry Cooling prove, that wet-to-dry conversions can also increase annual output by enhancing plant availability in drought-stricken seasons when power generation would otherwise be seriously restricted, or, even paralyzed.

As the global leader in the design, manufacture, delivery, and servicing of innovative dry cooling systems, SPG Dry Cooling (SPG DC) offers best-engineered solutions minimizing plant water consumption and maximizing output and availability.  SPG DC’s ACC360 business line brings the requisite expertise for supplying new products and solutions to power plants resulting in substantial performance improvements.

In this informative webinar, Attila Gregasz, Engineered Retrofit Manager and Sean Cusick, Aftermarket Sales and Service Manager for SPG Dry Cooling will discuss the ACC360 activities and how they can benefit owners and operators of coal, gas and nuclear power facilities.

Specific topics covered will include:

  • Identifying water vulnerability and saving water resources
  • Impact of cooling systems on cycle efficiency, net power output, and fuel savings
  • Improving asset reliability & lifetime

Who should attend:

  • Utility and Independent Power Producer Project Developers
  • Owners of Utility and Industrial Boilers and GTCC plants
  • Operators of Utility and Industrial Boilers and GTCC plants
  • Plant Managers and Engineers
  • Plant Maintenance Personnel
  • Corporate Engineers
  • A&E Firms: Project Managers, Planners


October 17, 2018

  • Chicago: 8 AM
  • New York: 9 AM
  • London: 3 PM
  • Berlin: 4 PM


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