Discover the benefits of our W-Style ACC®

by SPG Dry Cooling
Augustus 16, 2023

Benefits of our W-Style ACC®

Our W-Style ACC® is an innovative induced draft Air Cooled Condenser, directly condensing the steam turbine exhaust flow. The unique shape of the “W” reduces the overall height of the ACC, which makes it less wind sensitive and offers reduced back pressure at low temperatures.

Other major benefits of the W-Style ACC® design

✅ State-of-the-art technology: W-Style ACC® benefits of improved access for drive system maintenance.

✅ Cost-effective: The “W” shaped structure leads to lower overall height, a reduced number of foundations and thus a smaller footprint.

✅ Innovative: The innovative W-Style ACC® reduces steam velocity in the finned tubes mitigating flow accelerated corrosion inside the finned tubes.

✅ Sustainable: W-Style ACC® offers Induced Draft ACC and decreased wind sensitivity.


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