After Market Learning Series with Magnus Fürst - Most common ACC problems

by SPG Dry Cooling
Januari 07, 2024

TechTalks with Dr. Magnus Fürst

Follow our online TechTalks series on this page and discover about possible problems you can face with your ACC. Due to different circumstances, it may be possible that you have problems with your ACC. To avoid problems you need regular maintenance, but how regularly?

With our data analytics solution ACC360®, we can predict possible problems and solve them when the damage is not there yet and guide you in the maintenance process.

Watch our videos and discover more about different situations you can face.


How to solve leakage?

Are you seeing lower condensate temperatures than usual? Are you not achieving the backpressure you expect? ⚠️ It might be that you have some significant air leakage in your ACC.  ⚠️

Air leakage can cause a plant trip which has an immediate impact on your operation, cost and profit.

How to avoid Fouling?

Keep your ACC running optimally and say goodbye to unnecessary cleaning costs! 📈 The efficiency of your ACC depends on the thermal resistance between the hot and cold media. The more dirt particles accumulate on this surface, the less efficient your ACC is. No fear, regular cleaning can prevent a drop in efficiency and performance. But how regularly do you need to clean? With our Advanced Data Analytics solution ACC360® and the know-how of our Service & Support experts, we can ensure that your ACC is performing at its best. wondering how we clean your ACC? Watch the video and discover how the cleaning process works.


What is Crosswind and Recirculation of hot air?

Challenging crosswinds and hot air recirculation can significantly impact the performance of your ACC, potentially leading to a plant trip. Addressing this issue, our engineered solution, ACC360®, provides effective monitoring and prediction for precise diagnosing.

Magnus Fürst explains to you how these concepts work and how you can prevent these adverse effects with our solutions. Additionally, using state-of-the-art CFD analysis, we can accurately determine the impact of different wind mitigation solutions and help you find the best solution for your needs.


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