Overcoming water utilization challenges [webinar]

by SPG Dry Cooling
Oktober 09, 2017
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Overcoming water utilization challenges (webinar)

With continued public pressure and environmental laws to reduce water usage, power generating facilities are increasingly adopting dry cooling condenser solutions over once-through river or ocean wet cooling water systems. This has resulted in great interest in cooling system retrofits and additions for existing & new plants.

For new plants, selecting a dry cooling solution early in the project offers several advantages, including increased siting options as plant locations no longer need to be in proximity to watercourses. In addition, the time required for obtaining construction permits for new plants is reduced due to elimination of thermal pollution issues arising with water cooled systems.

Dry cooled systems come with significant cost savings for the plant operators. Not only is air a “free” cooling medium compared to water which has specific costs, but operating costs are significantly reduced compared to wet cooling systems, as biocides and other water treatment chemicals are not needed. Additionally maintenance costs for cleaning are just 25% of the costs associated with wet cooling systems.

This informative webinar presented by Thomas Colasante and Michel Vouche of SPG Dry Cooling will cover:

  • Direct and indirect cooling systems
  • Traditional and new air-cooled condensers
  • Applications in combined cycle, biomass/waste-to-energy/cogen, coal, LNG and concentrated solar power generation

Two new products will be presented which underscore how SPG DC is overcoming current market constraints. Such constraints can be effectively addressed by an early decision to use dry cooled systems:

  • Using the unique ModuleAir® alternative A-frame design featuring shop assembled parts as structural components, ducts and heat exchanger bundles, and,
  • Reducing footprint, height, weight, and wind influence using the new W-style ACC™ design

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be answered during the Q&A session of the webinar.  

Who should attend:

  • Utility and Independent Power Producer Project Developers
  • Owners and Operators of Utility and Industrial Boilers and GTCC plants
  • Plant Managers and Engineers
  • Plant Maintenance Personnel
  • Corporate Engineers
  • A&E Firms: Project Managers, Planners

With 172,000 MW installed capacity SPG Dry Cooling is the global leader in the design, manufacture, delivery, and servicing of innovative dry cooling systems. SPG Dry Cooling offers the most extended range of dry cooling products available, servicing the coal, gas, solar, biomass and geothermal power markets.


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