Work in Progress! Building an A-Frame ACC®

by SPG Dry Cooling
Juli 19, 2023

Great work in progress ⚠️ in Greece

Our A-Frame ACC design is sustainable, flexible, and cost-efficient with top quality single row condenser finned tubes. Our finned tubes offer excellent corrosion and freezing resistance.

The heat exchanger’s finned tube, which is the core technology of the air cooled condenser, is the Single-Row Condenser(SRC®) tube. This is an elongated aluminium cladded carbon steel flat tube with brazed aluminium fins. 

The excellent corrosion and freeze resistant SRC® finned tubes are manufactured at SPG Dry Cooling’s fully owned state-of-the-art factories. 

Heat exchangers are supported by an A-Frame structure, which can be mounted on concrete or steel. Both primary and secondary type heat exchangers are provided to ensure good non-condensable gas extraction to the air evacuation unit. 

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A-Frame acc® design in Greece
A-Frame acc® design in Greece
A-Frame acc® design in Greece
A-Frame finned tubes installation design
A-Frame acc® design in Greece


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