We are attending ICCI 2024, talking about biomass plants and sustainable development

Attendance of SPG Dry Cooling at ICCI 2024

We are attending ICCI 2024, talking about biomass plants and sustainable development We are proudly participating to ICCI 2024 in Instanbul, Türkiye with our Turkish Paharpur SPG Dry Cooling team. Kemal Özden, General Manager of Paharpur SPG Dry Cooling Türkiye, is sharing his insights and expertise on Wet To dry conversions and sustainability in biomass…

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Termocandelaria W-Style® installation Colombia

Termocandelaria W-Style air cooled condenser in Colombia

Termocandelaria W-Style® installation Colombia This Combined Cycle Power Plant generates 560 Mwe. Our innovative W-Style ACC® is an induced Draft Air Cooled Condenser. With its unique “W” heat exchanger structure, the amount of steel and overall height of the ACC are dramatically reduced compared to traditional arrangements. The characteristics of a W-Style ACC® result in…

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Plant visit with our newcomers

Power plant visit with our newcomers in SPGDG from the last months

Plant visit with our newcomers During the coldest week in Belgium, we give a warm welcome to our newcomers. 👋🏻 ❄️ A yearly tradition marked in our agendas is a visit to a power plant with one of our ACC installations. We visited a combined cycle power plant, producing 460 MWe, cooled by our innovative…

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Our Best Wishes for 2024!

Best wishes for 2024 from us to you! SPG Dry Cooling

Best wishes for 2024! Dear followers, clients, partners, and colleagues, thank you for being part of our journey in 2023. With 2024 upon us, we want to wish you a successful, healthy, and prosperous 2024!  👏 🎆

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Saving water with dry cooling technology

Saving water with dry cooling technology for a sustainable innovation

Saving water with dry cooling The sustainable solution for a water-smart future. Water stress has become a worldwide problem, which means that it’s now that we need to start saving water. One mitigating solution in the power Industry Is a Wet To Dry conversion of turbine condenser cooling systems, assuring reduced water use and extended…

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Discover the benefits of our W-Style ACC®

Benefits of our innovative W-Style ACC design

Benefits of our W-Style ACC® Our W-Style ACC® is an innovative induced draft Air Cooled Condenser, directly condensing the steam turbine exhaust flow. The unique shape of the “W” reduces the overall height of the ACC, which makes it less wind sensitive and offers reduced back pressure at low temperatures. Other major benefits of the…

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Work in Progress! Building an A-Frame ACC®

A-Frame acc® design in Greece

Great work in progress in Greece Our A-Frame ACC design is sustainable, flexible, and cost-efficient with top quality single row condenser finned tubes. Our finned tubes offer excellent corrosion and freezing resistance. The heat exchanger’s finned tube, which is the core technology of the air cooled condenser, is the Single-Row Condenser(SRC®) tube. This is an…

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Today is WorldOceanDay

Today is #WorldOceanDay this is why we go blue 💙 day to celebrate the magnificent beauty of the ocean and reflect on all the challenges it faces. Pollution, overfishing and climate change. All rivers flow to the ocean, which means that each one of us can help to restore the natural ecosystem. Every small act…

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