Case study: Turano Lodigiano

Bertonico-Turano Lodigiano Power Plant, situated near Lodi in Northern Italy, a 800 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant
Case study: Turano Lodigiano

Case study

Turano Lodigiano

SPG Dry Cooling SRC® technology Air Cooled Condenser designed and
manufactured for Sorgenia Combined Cycle Power Plant in Turano
Lodigiano. Bertonico has significantly contributed to the achievement of
the excellent figure of more than 57% net base load efficiency measured
during plant test period.




  • Allow maximum operating flexibility
    in accordance with legal atmospheric
    pollutant emission criteria.
  • Focus on the real needs, proactive
    collaboration, technical expertise and
    careful planning and monitoring of work.
  • Completion of the project within a limited time frame for quick return on investment.



  • SPG Dry Cooling contributed with the other contractors to achieve the contractual projects targets and, specifically, Provisional Acceptance Certificated in just 30 months.
  • SPG Dry Cooling SRC® Air Cooled
    Condenser: focus on environmental and
    architectural issues and an excellent
    operating flexibility.



Particularly SPG Dry Cooling SRC® Air
Cooled Condenser present significant
advantages such as:

  • Maximised thermal efficiency, reduced
    power consumption and reduced
    pressure drop on the air side due to the
    advanced design of SPG Dry Cooling top
    quality SRC® finned tubes bundle.
  • More uniform steam distribution and a
    total absence of backflow of steam,
    resulting in better performance avoiding
    air accumulation, flooding, subcooling
    and freezing.
  • Maintain low turbine backpressure, even
    during winter conditions, with an increase in power generation.
  • Although the power plant is situated in
    an industrial area, SPG Dry Cooling
    design meets specific architectural
    requirements ensuring environmental
    and landscape integration in order to
    reduce visual and acoustic impact.



  • High performance, low back pressure
    even during winter conditions. Overall
    net efficiency of the plant > 57% - Customer’s official satisfaction.
  • Designed to deliver maximum operating flexibility in accordance with legal atmospheric pollutant emission criteria. The customer can vary load on a daily basis in peak hours and the weekend.
  • SPG Dry Cooling Air Cooled Condenser has shown excellent performances and operability, confirming SPG Dry Cooling as a worldwide leader and technical advance in power plant Single Row Air Cooled Condenser applications, due to extensive internal  know-how, experience of more than 40 years in delivering advanced, reliable and proven dry cooling systems and fully  owned manufacturing facilities where a deeply optimized manufacturing process has been developed over many years.

Proactive partnership, intense and close technical collaboration and tailor-made planning of works.


Turano Lodigiano

The project
in pictures

2009-Turano Lodigiano 800 MW Italy (g)
2009-Turano Lodigiano 800 MW Italy (i)


  • Client Bertonico-Turano Lodigiano Power Plant
  • Country Italy
  • Application Gas
  • MegaWatt 800 MW
  • Product A-frame Air Cooled Condensers


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